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Associated Term: Fall 2023
Section: MATH 345 AB1
CRN: 91005
Course Title: Modern Geometries
Academic Credits:


Schedule Type: Lecture/Lab
Campus: Abbotsford
Instructor: {None}
Status: Closed
Maximum: 0
Enrolled: 0
Available: 0
Waitlisted: 0
Semester Dates: 06-SEP-2023 to 08-DEC-2023
Course Description: Students will study problems and constructions in Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometries, such as projective geometry, spherical geometry, and hyperbolic geometry. Topics include the parallel postulate and its consequences, transformations, symmetries and applications.

-- Prerequisite --
MATH 211, MATH 221, and MATH 265.

-- Corequisite --

-- Pre or Corequisite --
Important Info: CANCELLED 08.28.23 SW
Program Restriction: {None}
Major Restriction: {None}
Instructional Method: Face-to-Face Learning (TRD)

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Release: 8.2.2