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Associated Term: Fall 2022
Section: CHEM 422 AB1
CRN: 90295
Course Title: Principles and Methods of Molecular Modeling
Academic Credits:


Schedule Type: Lecture/Lab
Campus: Abbotsford
Instructor: Jake Spooner (Primary)
Status: Open
Maximum: 24
Enrolled: 16
Available: 8
Waitlisted: 0
Semester Dates: 07-SEP-2022 to 07-DEC-2022
Course Description: An introduction to modern computational techniques used for modeling physico-chemical properties of molecular and biomolecular systems, including empirical force field and quantum mechanical descriptions of individual molecules, as well as simulations of aggregate systems using molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo. The lecture course is accompanied by a computer lab where students will obtain practical experience in applying these techniques.

-- Prerequisite --
CHEM 113, CHEM 114, MATH 111, PHYS 111, one of (MATH 112 or MATH 118), one of (PHYS 105 or PHYS 112), and one of the following: ([CHEM 213 and CHEM 224] or [instructor's permission for upper-level science students]).

Note: CHEM 224 and MATH 211 are recommended.

-- Corequisite --

-- Pre or Corequisite --

Meeting Date(s)


Start - End Time

Building Room Instructor
Sep 07, 2022 to Dec 07, 2022 Mon Wed 13:00 - 14:20 Abbotsford Bldg A 253 Jake Spooner (Primary)
Sep 07, 2022 to Dec 07, 2022 Tue 14:30 - 17:20 Abbotsford Bldg D 228 Jake Spooner (Primary)
Important Info: Instructional Method - Face-to-Face Learning
Program Restriction: {None}
Major Restriction: {None}
Instructional Method: Face-to-Face Learning (TRD)

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